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Parivahan is the official Portal of Central Govt of India which allows people to Various Online and offline Vehicle services. At Parivahan people can apply for Driving License, Renewal, Vehicle Registration, fancy Vehicle Number Allocation, issues duplicate RC, cancellation of RC, Fitness Certificate of Vehicle and other important  services.

In this article we have explained everything about Parivahan Portal. So read this till end to know about every services Offred by Parivahan.

Parivahan Portal Services

Main aim of Parivahan is to automate all Vehicle Registration and Driving License related activities in transport authorities of country with introduction of smart card technology to handle issues like inter state transport vehicle movement and to create state and national level registers of vehicles/DL information.

Following are the list of services offered by Parivahan Portal-

  • Pay your Tax
  • Hypothecation Addition
  • Hypothecation Termination
  • Hypothecation Continuation
  • Change of address
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Duplicate RC
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Duplicate Fitness Certificate
  • Renewal of Registration
  • RC Particulars
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Conversion of Vehicle
  • Re-assignment of vehicle
  • Alteration of vehicle
  • RC Cancellation
  • RC Surrender
  • RC Release
  • Pay Balance Fee
  • Online Permit Services
  • Appointment System

Now we will discuss some important services which are used by People of India. If you own a vehicle then it is vital need for you to awareness of these services and their use.

E Challan

E-Challan is a sophisticated software application comprising Android based mobile app and web nterface, developed for the purpose of providing an comprehensive solution for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen. This app-cum-application is integrated with Vahan and Sarathi applications and provides a number of user-friendly features while covering all major functionalities of Traffic Enforcement System.

This is an end to end automated system with digital interface for all the stakeholders in purview of challan eco-system. The application offers customized interfaces for the following stakeholders:
‣ Enforcement officers
‣ Citizens (private or commercial car owners/drivers)
‣ State transport office
‣ Regional transport/Traffic office
‣ NIC admin
‣ Ministry of Road and Transport

The application introduces a novel concept of using mobile based app for issuing e-Challan. The mobile based access to the system is available only to enforcement officers through
android smart phones.

Portal Name Parivahan
Used By People of India
Major Services Driving License
Languages  Hindi, English
Mobile App Download
Website Click Here
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How to  Pay Challan Online at

Paying online Challan at Parivahan Portal is easy less time Consuming. You can pay Challan from Home, Office or from other places using your debit card, credit card, UPI or any electronic wallet.  Below are the process to pay for Challan Online. You can pay your Challan irrespective of State.

1) Visit the official Parivahan Portal-

2) Search for E Challan System tab.

3) You will be redirected to window where you can read the features of E Challan, pay Challan, check challan status and complaint against the False Challan.

4) Click on Get Challan Details button.

5) You can get the Challan Details by Challan Number, Vehicle Number and DL Number if You have.

6) After entering details, click on Get Details Button.

7) To pay Challan enter your username and password. Challan issued to you will be depicted at your dashboard.

8) You can use phone pe, paytm, debit card or wallet to pay your challan.

Features of E Challan

1)Minimizing time and efforts of citizen in making payments or follow-up actions which they face after getting challan on Road

2)Minimizing Revenue loss and enhance transparency

3) Providing real time Road Safety implementation report to the Ministry/ State Govts for data driven policy making.

4)Easy and efficient challenging option for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Police officers

5)Completely customizable as per state/ department requirements

6)Central Monitoring of Road Safety Policy implementation.

7) No duplicate or fake challans (Comprehensive monitoring, audit option for each individual challan or concerned official by department remotely)

8) Online payment of challans by citizen “anytime and anywhere”

Vehicle Registration

1) Click On This Link vehicle Registration 

2) select your state Name

3) New window will open, where you can Know your payment transaction status and Verify your payment receipt.

4) Enter your Registration Number and your RTO.

5) Then Click On Proceed.

Driving/Learner License

To improve RTO office service delivery,  Govt is now offering the following services in a Contactless mode. The citizens would be able to apply for these services online and without needing to visit RTO offices multiple times. Only for picking up modified or renewed Driving license, citizen would need to go to RTO office after getting an intimation that their “Driving License has been activated and is ready for pick up”.

These services are available in Contactless mode only if your Aadhaar Card details such as Name, Date of Birth and Father’s name/spouse name exactly matches the existing Driving License record in RTO database. In case these details do not match, you can either visit the RTO office to get the services or update your Aadhaar details or apply for online contactless services after updating the Aadhaar.

Apply for Learner License

Following are the stages in Application Submission in Issuing Learner’s Licence in the following order

3.  UPLOAD PHOTO AND SIGNATURE (In case of eKYC through Aadhaar, only Signature need to be uploaded)

Apply for Driving License

Following are the stages in Application Submission in Issuing Driving Licence in the following order

1. Fill Applicant Details

2. Upload Documents

3. Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable for only some states)

4. DL Test Slot Booking (applicable for only some states)

5. Payment of Fee

6. Verify the Pay Status

7. Print the receipt

Apply for DL Renewal

Following are the stages for Application Submission in Services On Driving Licence in the following order

1. Fill Applicant/Request Details

2. Upload Documents (if required)

3. Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable only in certain states)

4. Driving License Test Slot Booking -required only for Additional Endorsement of Driving Licence(AEDL)

5. Payment of Fee

6. Verify the Pay Status

7. Print the Receipt

Apply for Duplicate DL

1. Fill Applicant/Request Details

2. Upload Documents (if required)

3. Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable only in certain states)

4. Driving Licence Test Slot Booking -required only for Additional Endorsement of Driving Licence(AEDL)

5. Payment of Fee

6. Verify the Pay Status

7. Print the Receipt

Apply for the International Permit

Following are the stages for Application Submission in Services On Driving Licence in the following order

1. Fill Applicant/Request Details

2. Upload Documents (if required)

3. Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable only in certain states)

4. Driving License Test Slot Booking -required only for Additional Endorsement of Driving License(AEDL)

5. Payment of Fee

6. Verify the Pay Status

7. Print the Receipt

Fancy Number Allocation

Many drivers including you also want their favorite or fancy number as their Vehicle Number. here is the procedure to online booking of your fancy number.

1) Visit this link for Fancy Number allocation

2) Now you have to check for availability of number you want.

3) Choose your State, RTO and enter the number you want. Finally click on Check availability button.

Process of Fancy Number Allocation 

Registration for Fancy Number

If any bidder desires to take part in e- auction for one or more than one notified registration number, then he shall have to submit application and pay the specified fee separately for each notified registration number.

1. Go to URL and select Online Services -> Fancy Number Booking.

2. A new page will open and then click on ‘New Public User?’

3. A User Sign Up page will appear. Select ‘State’ as Rajasthan and fill basic details required in
below screen. Click on ‘Sign Up’ button once it is finished.

4. A confirmation message will appear and login credentials will be sent to email-id and mobile
number mentioned in step no 3.

5. Enter the credential received in email / mobile no in Login window and click on ‘Login’ button.

8. At new page click on ‘Number Selection’ Link and following screen will appear. For participating in Auction, applicant needs a valid application number of VAHAN 4.0 with fee/tax paid in VAHAN 4.0.

9) Please select the number of the choice and click on Continue to Register button

11. On the next screen provide details of identity proof and your bank account (this information will be
used for refund if any)

12. System will summarize the information and ask you for the online payment of Prescribed Reserve fee
for the Registration number you have selected. Click on pay button, and you will be redirected to
eGras portal of GoR for payment.

13. After successful payment of fee you will be redirected back to the portal and e Receipt of your
transaction will be displayed. Click on proceed button and take print of the receipt

14. Check the auction details of fancy number booking portal with following options.

15. Participate in the e Auction as per the schedule.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  1. Home Page-Enter Vehicle Registration Number
  2. Click on Proceed button
  3. Applicant selects the “Fitness Certificate” service from the drop down “Online Services” menu.
  4. After selecting “Fitness Certificate”, applicant has to fill Chassis number and mobile number.
  5. Click on the “Generate OTP”, button and you can proceed further
  6. Here, OTP will be generated and sent to the mobile number provided by applicant, also pop up message will be shown.
  7. Applicants enter the received OTP as given below.
  8. Click on the show details button to proceed further
  9. Fill the all required details and also provide the valid insurance detail as given below. Applicant can also see the fees details for the particular application. Now click on payment button.
  10. Confirm to move the application to next stage.
  11. Make payment button will allow you to select payment gateway. Select “SBIePAY” payment gateway for the e-payment.
  12. Accept terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox and Click on button Payment. This will open new page containing list of banks associated with SBIePAY. Select your bank and then click on “proceed” button.
  13. Select your bank and then click on “proceed” button.
  14. In this sample page, select “Pay Now” option.
  15. If bank status is success then transactions get approved and fee receipt will be generated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parivahan Portal

How can I obtain a Permanent Driving Licence?

Steps to follow for New Driving License :-

1. Visit
2. Select concerned state
3. Click on “New Driving Licence” from “Driving Licence” menu
4. Enter your “Learning License Number” & “Date of Birth” to proceed further
5. Fill up application Form
6.Click on Next Button to proceed
7. Visit RTO on scheduled date with original documents & Fee Slip

How can I check my application status?

Steps to check License status:

1. Visit
2. Select concerned state
3. Select “Application Status” from “Apply Online” menu

What is the validity of the Driving License?

Private Driving license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till the holder attains 40 years of age, which comes earlier. After the age of 40 the Driving license will be issued for 10 years & then 5 years subsequently.

What forms are required while paying tax online?

There is no need of any form for paying tax online.

What is Motor Vehicle Tax and how it is decided?

In India, motor vehicle tax is imposed by state governments. The motor vehicle tax is calculated on the basis of various factors including engine capacity, seating capacity, unladen weight, laden weight and cost price of vehicle.

How do I pay my vehicle’s tax online?


  •  Enter your “Vehicle Registration Number”
  •  Click on “Proceed”
  •  Click on “Online Services”
  •  Select “Pay Vehicle Tax”
  •  Enter last 5 Digit of Chassis No. and click on “Validate Regn_no/Chasi_no”
  •  Click on ‘Generate OTP’
  •  Enter the OTP received on registered mobile number and Submit
  •  Update “Insurance Details”
  •  Review the Fee Panel and Proceed

How do I apply for renewal of my permit?

a. Visit…
b. Click on “Other Online Services” and Select “Online Permit”
c. Select a state for which you want to apply and then click on “Proceed”
d. Enter your Registration No. and Last 5 Digit of Chassis No and then click on “Proceed”
e. Enter your current mobile no or this may be appear and disabled as per your state configuration.

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