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Petrol Pump dealership: Now any one who wish to get petrol pump dealership can register their application form online. In this article we will know how to apply for petrol pump dealership online, check their application status, make online payment.

Keep reading this article till end to apply for petrol pump dealership online properly.

Petrol Pump Dealership Chayan Portal

This portal has been created for the online selection process of Retail Outlet dealership for various locations. To apply for dealership, applicant is required to follow the steps outlined. Just follow below steps one by one.

  1. Register at online portal
  2. Login to the Portal
  3. Select the available advertisements
  4. Search location where to apply
  5. Fill the application form
  6. Make online payment

How to register for Petrol Pump dealership at

Applicants have to register themselves on the portal to apply for dealership.

1) Visit the official website

2) Click on Register button available on home page of the portal.

3) Fill your details in form and submit it.

4) Click on Generate OTP button. OTP will be sent to given Mobile No. Enter the OTP in the field and submit the form.

5) A success message will be displayed on the screen, confirming that registration has been completed successfully.

After the successful completion of form, your Email I’d will be your user name required for login, password will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can change that later.

Quick Check 

Login to the Portal

You need to login with your I’d and passwords to apply for dealership. Follow below steps :-

1) Go to official portal

2) Click on login button available on Home page.

3) Enter your I’d and password in given boxes.

4) I’d will be your Registered Email id and password you will receive on it.

Once applicant is logged in successfully, he/she will be redirected to the Applicant Dashboard.

Fill Application Form

After successfully logging in to the portal, applicant can see the following information:

1. Dashboard: Here user can see two options
A) Available Advertisements
B) Applied Advertisements

2. Available Advertisements: Here user can find all the advertisements, company-
and state-wise, for which he/she has not applied.

3. Applied Advertisements: Here user can see the details of advertisements for
which he/she has applied.

4. Profile: Here user can edit their details which have been filled at the time of
registration. However details like Email ID and Mobile No cannot be changed.

5. Change Password: Here user can change the Password.

How to apply ?

Applicant has to click on Available Advertisement Link/Button and select the advertisement (Company wise / State wise) for which he/she wants to apply.
All the locations under the selected advertisement will be displayed on clicking ‘View Details’.

To fill the application form, users must follow the below given process:

1) All the locations available under that advertisement will be displayed on the screen.

2) Select the location for which he/she wants to apply. (Click on Apply button).

3) After clicking Apply Button, applicant will be redirected to the Application form.

4) Here applicant will be given 3 options for choosing the category of Applicant:
o Individual
o Partnership
o Non-Individual

5) On choosing the option, complete application form will be opened

6) Upon filling all the relevant details, Applicant can either save or finally submit the Application form, by clicking the respective Buttons.

7) Using the ‘Save’ option, Applicant can as many times edit the application form
before the final submission.

To view and edit the application form Click the Applied Advertisement Link/Button available in the left side menu in the Applicant Dashboard.

After filling in all the details in the application form, click the “Submit & Proceed to Pay” button to pay the application fee online.

Note: Once form is submitted finally, it can not be edited so review before final submit.

If for some reason, Applicant wants to ‘Cancel’ the Application form, the same can be cancelled by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button, but the same has to be before the final submission of the Application form.

How to make payment online?

After submitting the application form, applicant has to pay the application fee online. Application forms without payment of application fee, will not be processed and will be rejected.

To make online payment, follow the process below:

1) Go to ‘Applied Advertisement’ link, the same is available on the Applicant Dashboard.

2) All the applications of applicant will be displayed on the screen.

3) If the application is submitted for a particular location and payment is pending to be done, the same can be paid by clicking on “Pay Online” button.

4) On clicking, the applicant will be redirected to the next page giving the details for amount of application fee.

5) For making payment click on ‘Proceed to Pay’.

6) applicant will be redirected to the payment gateway. you can choose UPI, wallet, credit card, debit card for payment.

After successful payment is done, the applicant can download a PDF copy of the application from ‘Applied Advertisement’ Link available on Applicants Dashboard.

If you will follow above steps carefully, you will be able to do it very easily without any complications.

FAQ about application of Petrol Pump Dealership Online

Q. Can we apply from one place twice?

Ans. Applicant cannot apply for the same location if already applied. However, he/she can apply for a different location.

Q. Can we edit form later?

Ans. Applicant should fill the application form carefully. Once application form is submitted and a PDF copy of the online application is generated, NO details can be edited.

Q. Does the applicant have to upload any document while making the online application?

Ans. While making the online application, the applicant has to upload a scan copy of his/her photograph and signature. No other document is required to be uploaded nor submitted to any office of the Oil Company.

Q. Can I delete my Account (registration) / Is it possible to re-register?

Ans.  If User have not applied for Any RO Dealership then he/she can Delete his/her Account (registration), upon hitting “Delete Account” Button. 

Q. Can I Cancel/Delete my application?

Ans. Yes; by clicking the “Cancel” button.

Q. How to re-set password?

Ans. Use forgot password link and submit your registered e-mail address

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