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PNR Status Online: Here you can check your Train PNR status using your PNR 10 digit Number which you get while booking you train ticket online. In this article we will know How to check your PNR train status online. Many people may get confused after reading PNR Status terminology so we will also try to explain them briefly.

Check PNR  Status Online-

In order to check your train PNR status you must have PNR Code with you, which you get while booking your ticket online. You can find your PNR in top left corner of ticket.

Check PNR Status

How to Check PNR Status-

Checking your PNR status online is vey easy and quick process but you must know the right process to check PNR Status online. Here some vital steps you must follow to know your train PNR status. 

1) Visit the official website of Indian Rail.

2) Enter you PNR No. in given Box.( Shown in Picture Below)

PNR Status

3) Click on Submit Button.

4) You Ticket Status will be opened before you. Check the Information carefully.

What is PNR?

Record Name Passenger Name Record (PNR)
Digits 10 Digit
PNR Status Check Now
Official website

PNR stands for “Passenger Name Record” as it shows all the related records of E Ticket. It is 10 Digit Unique code assigned to passengers while booking E Ticket in Railway transportation. Railway passenger can only see their reservation is confirmed only through PNR.

PNR Status 10 Digit

PNR Status consist of 10 Digits which are unique digits assigned to passenger while booking train ticket Online. PNR 10 digits are required while checking your PNR Status. You can find PNR Number on top left corner of the booking ticket.

Details Mentioned  PNR Status

There are various details mentioned in PNR Status which are very important information regarding your train journey. Below we have mentioned some of them. if you face some complications regarding any term mentioned in PNR Status then you can read about that below.

  • Train Number
  • Train Name
  • Boarding Date
  • Boarding point
  • Passenger Ticket Status
  • Coach Number
  • Birth Number
  • Total Fare
  • Chart Status
  • Train Status

What is Boarding Date in PNR Status?

Boarding date in PNR Status is the Date of Journey . For example you have to reach Kanpur from Aligarh and your Train is on 5th December. Then 5th December is your boarding date. It is advisable to reach 2 hour before your train time.

What is Boarding Point in PNR Status?

Boarding point is the destination from where you are boarding your train. For Example You are travelling from Panipat to Delhi then Panipat is your Boarding point.

What is Chart Status?

Train Chart shows the Train Time, You Birth Number and other important details. PNR Status shows the message Chart status as Chart is prepared and Chart is not Prepared. Generally Chart gets prepared before 5 hours boarding point.

What is Train Status in PNR Status?

Train Status in PNR status shows the current status of Train if it is delayed, cancelled or on time. If the train is cancelled due to any reason you will get your booking ticket refund.

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