UPSSSC PET Exam 2021 Official Answer Key Shift 1, Shift 2 All Set(A B C D E F G H )

UPSSSC PET 2021: Exam held on 24th August 2021 in two shifts, one shift from 10 -12 AM and second from 3- 5 PM. Pet Exam consist of 8 sets in each shift. Here we have provided the answer key of pet Exam shift 1 and shift 2 all sets – A B C D E F G H. You can check your answer. This answer key is designed by experts and 100 percent accurate.

How to check answer key UPSSSC PET Exam 2021?

As the exam was in double shifts so Administration was asked to collect question booklet along with OMR sheet. Now, of student have to check their answer, they need to follow below steps.

1) Visit the Official answer website of UPSSSC.

2) Click on ‘ Pet Exam Question Paper Booklet’.

3) You need to download your Booklet’ set.

4) We have given below answer key for all sets. Open your Booklet’ pdf and check your answer accordingly.

This answer key is made by experts and of your answer does not match with given answer, just cross check it with other sources.

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UPSSC PET answer key

UPSSSC PET Exam 2021 Shift 1 Answer key for A B C D E F G H 

Set A

1 B11 C21 B31 C41 C51 D61 A71 A81 B91 A
2 C12 A22 C32 D42 A52 A62 B72 B82 B92 A
3 B13 C23 A33 B43 C53 A63 B73 C83 D93 D
4 B14 B24 A34 D44 C54 A64 D74 D84 D94 C
5 D15 B25 C35 D45 C55 A65 A75 A85 C95 D
 6 A16 D26 C36 A46 C56 B66 D76 B86 C96 B
7 A17 C27 C37 B47 C57 B67 C77 C87 B97 B
8 C18 A28 B38 B48 A58 B68 B78 A88 B98 D
9 D19 A29 B39 B49 A59 A69 D79 B89 A99 C
10 C20 B30 A40 C50 C60 C70 C80 D90 D100 A

Set B

1 D11 B21 D31 B41 B51 D61 D71 C81 C91 C
2 A12 C22 B32 C42 C52 B62 D72 D82 B92 A
3 B13 C23 B33 D43 A53 B63 D73 A83 A93 A
4 A14 C24 C34 B44 A54 B64 A74 D84 D94 B
5 D15 D25 A35 B45 A55 B65 C75 A85 D95 C
6 C16 D26 C36 D46 C56 B66 C76 C86 B96 C
7 A17 A27 D37 C47 C57 D67 C77 C87 D97 C
8 B18 A28 D38 C48 C58 D68 D78 A88 C98 D
9 D19 B29 B39 D49 B59 B69 B79 B89 A99 A
10 C20 B30 C40 B50 D60 B70 D80 B90 C100 B

Set C

1 A11 B21 A31 B41 C51 A61 C71 D81 C91 B
2 D12 C22 D32 B42 D52 D62 D72 D82 C92 C
3 D13 C23 D33 B43 D53 A63 C73 D83 A93 A
4 C14 D24 D34 C44 C54 A64 D74 C84 B94 C
5 B15 C25 B35 B45 D55 B65 A75 A85 C95 B
6 C16 B26 C36 B46 C56 B66 D76 B86 D96 A
7 B17 B27 D37 C47 D57 D67 B77 D87 D97 C
8 D18 D28 B38 C48 C58 B68 A78 A88 D98 B
9 D19 A29 B39 C49 B59 A69 A79 B89 D99 B
10 B20 A30 C40 A50 C60 C70 B80 A90 A100 B

Set D 

1 D11 B21 A31 B41 C51 A61 D71 A81 B91 B
2 C12 C22 B32 B42 A52 B62 A72 A82 D92 A
3 D13 A23 D33 C43 B53 A63 B73 A83 D93 A
4 A14 D24 D34 A44 D54 A64 D74 B84 D94 D
5 B15 D25 C35 A45 D55 D65 D75 B85 B95 C
6 C16 A26 D36 A46 D56 D66 A76 B86 A96 C
7 A17 C27 D37 A47 A57 C67 B77 C87 B97 B
8 D18 B28 A38 B48 A58 C68 A78 B88 C98 B
9 D19 B29 D39 D49 B59 D69 A79 B89 D99 D
10 C20 C30 C40 D50 B60 C70 A80 D90 C100 A

Set F

1 B11 B21 C31 D41 A51 C61 C71 D81 B91 D
2 D12 B22 A32 B42 C52 D62 C72 D82 C92 B
3 A13 A23 A33 B43 B53 A63 B73 A83 C93 A
4 D14 B24 A34 D44 D54 A64 B74 A84 C94 A
5 D15 A25 B35 C45 B55 B65 A75 A85 B95 B
6 C16 D26 D36 B46 C56 C66 B76 C86 C96 A
7 C17 A27 C37 A47 D57 B67 C77 B87 C97 A
8 A18 C28 A38 A48 B58 C68 C78 A88 B98 A
9 C19 D29 C39 A49 C59 A69 A79 C89 B99 B
10 D20 D30 C40 A50 C60 A70 D80 C90 B100 C

Set E

1 B11 B21 D31 B41 B51 D61 B71 A81 A91 D
2 B12 B22 D32 D42 A52 B62 D72 C82A92D
3 D13 C23 C33 C43 C53 A63 A73 D83C93 C
4 C14 D24 C34 D44 C54 B64 C74 B84 C94 B
5 C15 D25D35 B45 B55 B65 D75 C85 D95 C
6 B16 C26 D36 D46 C56 A66 A76 B86 C96 B
7 A17 C27 D37A47 A57 A67 C77 B87 C97 D
8 A18 C28 A38 D48 A58 C68 A78 B88B98 C
9 A19 C29 B39 A49 D59 B69 D79 D89 A99 C
10 B20 C30 B40 B50 C60 B70 B80 D90 B100 D

Set G

1 C11 D21 C31 B41 B51 A61 A71 C81 A91 C
2 C12 D22 C32 D42 C52 D62 B72 A82 C92 A
3 A13 D23 D33 C43 D53 D63 C73 A83 C93 D
4 A14 A24 B34 A44 D54 B64 C74 D84 D94 D
5 A15 C25 B35 B45 C55 D65 C75 D85 D95 C
6 B16 A26 A36 C46 B56 D66 C76 C86 B96 A
7 A17 B27 A37 D47 A57 C67 A77 C87 B97 C
8 A18 D28 D38 D48 A58 D68 D78 A88 D98 C
9 D19 B29 C39B49 B59 B69 D79 A89 B99 C
10 A20 A30 D40 A50 C60 A70 B80 C90 D100 C

Set H

1 A11 C21 D31 C41  D51 D61 C71 C81 A91 A
2 B12 B22 A32 D42 A52 A62 D72 C82 C92 D
3 B13 D23 A33 D43 C53 B63 D73 C83 B93 B
4 D14 B24 A34 A44 D54 B64 D74 B84 C94 C
5 A15 C25 C35 B45 D55 B65 D75A85 B95 C
6 A16 A26 C36 A46 C56 A66 D76  A86 A96 D
7 A17 B27 B37 C47 A57 A67 C77 A87 A97 C
8 C18 D28 B38 C48 A58 A68 C78 C88 B98 A
9 B19 C29 D39 D49 C59 D69 D79 D89 D99 B
10 D20 A30 D40 A50 D60 C70 D80 C90 D100 A

UPSSSC PET Exam 2021 Shift 2 Answer key for A B C D E F G H 



1 C11 B21 D31 A41 D51 C61 B71 A81 B91 B
2 B12 B22 B32 A42 C52 A62 C72 D82 A92 C
3 B13 C23 D33 C43 B53 C63 B73 B83 C93 A
4 B14 A24 B34 D44 C54 B64 C74 A84 B94 D
5 A15 B25 A35 A45 A55 A65 B75 D85 A95 C
6 D16 C26 B36 D46 C56 D66 B76 A86 B96 A
7 B17 D27 B37 C47 B57 D67 B77 B87 A97 D
8 B18 A28 A38 D48 A58 A68 D78 C88 C98 B
9 C19 B29 C39 D49 D59 C69 B79 C89 B99 C
10 D20 A30 B40 C50 A60 A70 C80 B90 D100 D


1 B11 C21 C31 C41 D51 B61 D71 B81 A91 D
2 D12 C22 B32 D42 B52 C62 B72 D82 C92 B
3 A13 C23 D33 C43 A53 A63 D73 B83 D93 C
4 B14 B24 C34 D44 D54 D64 D74 C84 A94 D
5 C15 A25 B35 B45 D55 B65 A75 C85 D95 C
6 A16 C26 A36 C46 B56 D66 A76 C86 C96 D
7 C17 C27 D37 D47 A57 C67 C77 C87 B97 B
8 B18 D28 C38 B48 A58 A68 B78 C88 B98 B
9 A19 A29 B39 C49 B59 B69 D79 B89 C99 A
10 D20 C30 A40 C50 A60 B70 C80 A90 D100 C


1 C11 C21 A31 D41 D51 D61 B71 B81 D91 D
2 D12 B22 A32 A42 C52 B62 B72 D82 B92 C
3 B13 D23 B33 B43 C53 B63 D73 A83 A93 A
4 A14 D24 A34 D44 D54 A64 C74 D84 C94 D
5 D15 D25 B35 C45 B55 D65 D75 C85 A95 D
6 C16 B26 D36 B46 C56 D66 B76 C86 D96 A
7 A17 A27 A37 C47 B57 C67 D77 A87 D97 A
8 C18 C28 B38 B48 D58 A68 C78 B88 B98 D
9 B19 C29 B39 A49 D59 C69 D79 D89 D99 B
10 D20 C30 C40 A50 D60 A70 C80 B90 D100 C


1 D11 C21 D31 C41 C51 C61 C71 B81 A91 B
2 B12 A22 A32 D42 D52 B62 A72 A82 B92 C
3 D13 D23 D33 A43 A53 B63 D73 B83 D93 B
4 B14 A24 D34 B44 D54 A64 B74 C84 D94 C
5 A15 B25 D35 D45 B55 B65 A75 D85 D95 D
6 D16 A26 B36 D46 A56 C66 C76 B86 A96 A
7 C17 C27 C37 A47 D57 A67 A77 C87 D97 D
8 D18 B28 D38 C48 D58 C68 D78 D88 C98 B
9 B19 C29 D39 B49 D59 A69 D79 A89 D99 D
10 A20 D30 A40 B50 B60 C70 A80 B90 A100 A


1 C11 D21 C31 A41 D51 C61 B71 B81 B91 D
2 B12 C22 D32 B42 C52 D62 D72 C82 D92 C
3 A13 D23 C33 D43 B53 A63 B73 D83 B93 A
4 D14 D24 B34 A44 D54 C64 C74 B84 D94 D
5 C15 A25 B35 D45 B55 B65 A75 C85 C95 D
6 B16 A26 B36 B46 D56 A66 B76 A86 B96 C
7 B17 B27 B37 C47 C57 B67 B77 D87 B97 A
8 A18 C28 B38 C48 B58 C68 D78 B88 C98 A
9 C19 D29 C39 B49 A59 A69 A79 C89 B99 C
10 C20 B30 A40 D50 B60 D70 B80 A90 B100 A


1 A11 C21 B31 A41 C51 B61 C71 B81 C91 B
2 B12 A22 D32 A42 D52 D62 D72 D82 B92 C
3 D13 B23 C33 C43 A53 B63 B73 C83 C93 A
4 B14 A24 A34 A44 C54 C64 B74 C84 D94 A
5 D15 B25 C35 A45 B55 A65 B75 B85 D95 A
6 C16 C26 A36 A46 B56 B66 D76 A86 A96 A
7 C17 A27 C37 B47 A57 C67 D77 D87 B97 C
8 A18 D28 D38 D48 C58 A68 C78 C88 B98 C
9 B19 A29 B39 A49 D59 A69 D79 A89 A99 D
10 A20 B30 D40 A50 A60 A70 C80 B90 C100 A


1 B11 B21 A31 C41 A51 D61 B71 D81 B91 B
2 A12 C22 C32 A42 B52 A62 C72 C82 D92 D
3 A13 D23 A33 D43 A53 D63 D73 D83 C93 C
4 C14 A24 B34 D44 B54 A64 C74 D84 A94 D
5 A15 C25 D35 D45 D55 C65 A75 D85 D95 A
6 B16 B26 A36 C46 C56 D66 C76 A86 D96 C
7 C17 C27 B37 D47 D57 B67 B77 B87 C97 D
8 B18 D28 D38 B48 A58 D68 A78 D88 B98 D
9 C19 D29 C39 D49 D59 A69 B79 D89 A99 D
10 B20 C30 A40 C50 C60 C70 D80 C90 A100 A


1 D11 A21 D31 A41 D51 C61 A71 D81 B91 B
2 C12 D22 A32 B42 B52 B62 D72 A82 D92 D
3 A13 B23 C33 A43 C53 A63 B73 A83 B93 D
4 D14 B24 C34 D44 A54 A64 A74 C84 D94 C
5 C15 A25 D35 C45 A55 D65 C75 D85 A95 D
6 D16 C26 A36 B46 A56 C66 A76 B86 B96 C
7 A17 B27 C37 D47 D57 A67 C77 C87 C97 C
8 A18 C28 A38 A48 B58 D68 D78 C88 D98 B
9 A19 A29 C39 B49 A59 B69 A79 D89 A99 B
10 A20 D30 D40 A50 A60 C70 A80 B90 A100 A

Popular QNA About PET Exam 2021?  

What is the expected cut off PET Exam 2021?

Around 20 Lakh student registered for PET Exam and around 75 percent were present during exam. As it was a qualifying exam, so cut off is expected to be in medium range.

Category Marks
General 55-60

When official answer key of PET Exam will Release?

Generally most of the Govt Organization releases there answer key after 1 week. But we have given above accurate answer key, you can check from it.

Official answer key is expected to release around 30 august 2021.

When UPSSC PET Exam Result will declare ?

PET Exam is qualifying exam for various exams. As government has announced that Lekhpal Recruitment application form will Release in October 2021. As Pet Exam is Pre exam for Lekhpal Recruitment so Pet result must be declared soon. Experts told that around Mid September PET Exam Result will be announced.

For how many years PET Exam Score is valid?

PET Exam Score is valid for 1 year. It means that all the exam which are conducted by UPSSSC, you are eligible to that it you qualified pet Exam. After one year you have to again appear for PET Exam.

What is the Safe PET score for appearing in Lekhpal Exam?

As we have provided you approx. idea of the cut off above but in case of any drastic change in official cut off, 70 out of 100 is very safe score. If your score is 70 and above then you should start preparing for mains exam and of score is less than 70 then wait for official cut off.

What are the various post Under PET Exam?

Pet Exam is qualifying for the exam of UPSSSC various post like Revenue officer, Lekhpal, Supply inspector, Marketing officer, Village Secretary and Posts under lower PCS.

But the Latest Exam in which pet Exam qualifying student is Lekhpal Recruitment in October 2021.

When Lekhpal Recruitment Exam Will be conducted?

According to the Latest Exam calendar Released by UPSSSC, lekhpal exam will be conducted in November 2021. All the student who will qualify PET Exam are eligible to appear for Lekhpal Exam.

What is the relation of PET Exam with Lekhpal Recruitment ?

To appear in the recruitment conducted by UPSSSC in Uttar Pradesh it is necessary to clear PET. This time Lekhpal recruitment is to be organized by UPSSSC, so candidates who want to join Lekhpal recruitment must first clear PET. It is to be noted that the PET is being conducted on August 24.

Normalization in PET Final Score?

Normalization is very vital process in any Exam for which students check before the result. Generally Difficulty level is the base of normalization of score.

If we talk about the Difficulty level of PET Exam, it was moderate. After analyzing papers of both shifts, Shift B exam was bit difficult than Shift A. So it is most likely that shift second students will get benefit of Normalization.

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