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Written Episode Udaariyaan Today 25th October: Udaariyaan serial is the story of two sisters – Jasmine and Tejo from a small pind in Punjab, and the dashing village boy Fateh. Jasmine and her family have only one dream, and that is to go to Canada and settle down there.

Tejo, on the other hand, dreams of living in Punjab and serving her nation. Fateh, also like her, is a patriot and is a renowned boxer. But then he comes across Jasmine and loses his heart to her. Without knowing what her future dreams are and how different they both are, he ties his destiny to her in his heart.

But what will happen when this hopeless romantic realizes that the woman he has fallen in love with keeps nothing above Canada. She will marry the man who has a Canadian visa and Fateh is a patriot? What will be their destiny.


Show Name Udaariyaan
Genre Drama, Romance
Creator Sargun Mehta
Ravi Dubey
Writer Ritu Goyal
Rachel Navarre
Story Writer Mitali Bhattacharya
Romit Ojha
Telecast by Colors
Country India
Languages Hindi, Punjabi
Number of Seasons 1
Latest Episodes 192
OTT Platform Voot
Cast Ankit Gupta
Priyanka Choudhary
Isha Malviya
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Jass takes over Tejo’s house and begins making them adhere to his wishes. Furthermore, Jass hides Tejo’s phone, leaving her no way to contact Fateh for help. Will Tejo be able to find the phone and seek help from Fateh.

Feeling threatened by Jass approaching her, Tejo picks up a sickle to fight with the latter. Will Tejo be forced to use the weapon against Jass in her defence.

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Written Episode Udaariyaan Today 25th October

Episode 192 – Season 1

25 Oct, 2021

Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Drama, TV Show
Year: 2021
Director: Arun Ranjankar
Actor: Priyanka Chaudhary, Ankit Gupta, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Rashmeet Kaur Sethi, Preetika Chauhan, Preet Rajput, Shraman Jain

In today’s episode of Udaariyaan, Jass arranges first night with Tejo and forces her. But Tejo tries to escape from Jass. Fathe feels that Tejo is in trouble and tries to contact Tejo and her mother. Later, he rushes to Tejo’s house and finds the house locked. Tejo picks up a weapon and warns Jass to be within his limit or face consequences. She threatens to harm him. Fathe overhears Tejo’s voice and breaks into the house.

Jass informs Jasmine that he is at Tejo’s house. Jass tells Jasmine that he sent Rupay and Abhiraj to jail. Jasmine plans to convince Fathe for the marriage. Jass crosses all his limits and hides Tejo’s phone so she can’t contact Fathe. Later, Jass forces Tejo and troubles her. On the other hand, Jasmines arranges a candlelight dinner.  Jasmine also hides Fathe’s phone on seeing Tejo call.

Tejo later tries calling Khushbeer to ask for help, but Jass doesn’t allow her and locks all the doors from outside. Khushbeer hurts himself for leaving Tejo in such a condition. Fathe checks his phone and sees Tejo’s missed calls.

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Written Episode Udaariyaan : Plot of Udaariyaan

The story revolves around Tejo Kaur Sandhu, Jasmin Kaur Sandhu and Fateh Singh Virk. Tejo and Jasmin are sisters with relatively different personalities.

Jasmin is an immature, bubbly college student who dreams of living her life in Canada, while Tejo is a mature and responsible college professor who wants to stay in her hometown and fulfil her dreams without leaving her family. Fateh is a boxer who runs a boxing academy in his hometown. He is in love with Jasmin and dreams of marrying her.

When Tejo finds out about Fateh’s feelings for Jasmin she asks Fateh to forget Jasmin as Jasmin would only marry someone who is settled in Canada. Fateh gets heartbroken upon hearing this. He begins searching for a job in Canada.

He manages to finds a job there due to which Jasmin and Fateh get closer. Tejo’s marriage is fixed with a guy named Jass who is settled in Canada. Post the wedding, Jass runs away and it is revealed that he is a fraud who has done the same with multiple families. Tejo is left shattered.

Written Episode Udaariyaan : Cast of Udaariyaan

  • Ankit Gupta as Fateh Singh Virk
  • Priyanka Choudhary as Tejo Kaur Sandhu
  • Isha Malviya as Jasmin Kaur Sandhu
  • Abhishek Kumar as Amrik Singh Virk
  • Ram Aujla as Khushbeer Singh Virk
  • Gurvinder Gauri as Gurpreet Singh Virk
  • Rashmeet Kaur Sethi as Mahi Singh Virk
  • Chetna Singh as Simran Singh Virk

Written Episode Udaariyaan : Frequently asked Questions 

What is the story of Udaariyaan?

Fateh is a boxer who runs a boxing academy in his hometown. He is in love with Jasmin and dreams of marrying her. When Tejo finds out about Fateh’s feelings for Jasmin she asks Fateh to forget Jasmin as Jasmin would only marry someone who is settled in Canada. Fateh gets heartbroken upon hearing this.

How many episodes are there in Udaariyaan?

There are total 191 episodes of Udaariyaan till date.

Who will marry Fateh in Udaariyaan?

In the upcoming episode, Tejo will decide to walk out of Fateh’s life and Jasmine will get married to Fateh. There will be a wedding sequence for Fateh and Jasmine.

Does Jasmine marry Fateh?

So far, we had seen that Jasmine had refused to marry Fateh after she gets to know that he doesn’t have a job in Canada. On the other hand, Tejo gets married to Fateh to save both the families’ reputation. However, Fateh is still struggling to accept her as his wife.

Will Tejo get pregnant?

Tejo gets emotional and informs Jasmine that she isn’t pregnant and it was a false pregnancy alarm.

Who does Fateh love in Udaariyaan?

Fateh got on the stage and invited his wife, Mrs Virk. Tejo walked towards the stage thinking he called her, but she got shocked when Jasmine got on the stage and Fateh introduced Jasmine as his wife. Fateh and Jasmine confessed their love for each other and gave a romantic performance.

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