Top MCX markets in the world, Market Capitalization


Top MCX  Markets: There are various stock markets exchanges in the world such as wall street of USA ( New York Stock Exchange , New York City ), Japan Exchange Group ( JPX ), London Stock Exchange ( LSE ), Shanghai Stock exchange ( SSE ), Australian Securities Exchange ( ASX ), TMX Group ( TSX ), Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE ), and National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) and others.

Top MCX Markets 

Today we will discuss about each of them separately to know in depth of these stock markets. How do they work , the investment capacity and the market capitalization of these stock market will be the part of our discussion today.

1) New York Stock Exchange , NYSE ( Nee York / USA )

This Exchange market is located in the financial district of lower Manhattan in New York City of United States of America. This area is also known as the wall street. Wall Street is famous for the largest US brockerages and the investment banks and is also the home of the New York Stock Exchange.

Wall street is an eight – block – long street in the Financial district of lower Manhattan in New York city. It Runs between broadway in the west to south street and the east river in the east.

Address – 11 Wall st., New York,  NY 10005, United states.

Official website of the New York Stock Exchange –

Market Capitalization of the New York Stock Exchange 

It is the world’s largest Stock Exchange by the Market Capitalization of its Listed companies. The market capitalization of New York Stock Exchange is at US$ 30.1 Trillion as of February 2018.

New York Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest market places for the securities and other exchange traded investments.

New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) is nick named as ” The Big Board “.

2) London Stock Exchange , LSE ( London / United Kingdom )

London Stock Exchange ( LSE ) is a Stock Exchange situated in the city of London, England. It was Founded in 1801 and hence it is one of the Oldest Stock Exchange in the world. It is the primary Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom and the largest in Europe. Some regional Exchanges were merged in 1973 to form the Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland , which later renamed as the London Stock Exchange ( LSE ).

Official website of the London Stock Exchange –

Market Capitalization of London Stock Exchange ( LSE ) –

The market capitalization of the  London Stock Exchange is of £ 3.8 Trillion , of its listed companies which is trading on the London Stock Exchange.

How can I trade in London Stock exchange ?

Now, we will discuss about the method to trade in London Stock Exchange.

I) to start trading with London Stock Exchange, we should open an account with an International Broker like Interactive Brokers.

II) Now we have to approch an account with a Foreign Stock and Shares Broker.

III) Then we have to buy London Stock Exchange Stocks with American Dipositary Receipts which is known as ADRs.

IV) Now trade LSE Shares through contracts for differences ( CFDs ) and make your day with profit.

3) Japan Exchange Group , JPX ( Tokyo / Japan )

Japan Exchange Group is a Japanese Financial Services Corporation that operates multiple Securities Exchanges. All ordinary Stock Exchanges of Japan such as Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange are being operated by Japan Exchange Group.

Japan Exchange Group, JPX was formed by the merger of two companies on January 1, 2013. The Head quarter of Japan Exchange Group is in Chuo City , Tokyo / Japan.

Official website of the Japan Exchange Group –

Market Capitalization of the Japan Exchange Group –

The Tokyo Stock Exchange ( TSE ) which is being operated by Japan Exchange Group has Listed over 3,700 Comapnies, and has a combined Market Capitalization of more than $ 5.6 Trillion as of June 2020.

4) Australian Securities Exchange, ASX ( Sydney / Australia )

The Australian Securities Exchange, ASX was founded on 1 April 1987 as the Australian Stock Exchange Limited. Later it named as a Australian Securities Exchange.

ASX is the Australian Primary Securities Exchange. It is owned and operated by ASX Limited, with the Exchange also commonly referred to as the ASX. The Australian Securities Exchange is located in the Sydney, New South wales of Australia.

Australian Securities Exchange Acts as a market operator, clearing House and Payments System Facilitator. The Australian Securities Exchange overseas Compliance with its operating rules among Australia’s Listed Companies and helps to educate retail investors.

Official website of the Australian Securities Exchange –

Market Capitalization of Australian Securities Exchange –

It has listed over 2,258 companies as of May 2018 and its Market Capitalization is of A$ 2.153 Trillion as of November 2019.

What are the top 5 Stocks to invest in Australia ?

The top 5 Stocks to Invest in Australia are listed below –

A) Zip (Z1P)

B) Afterpay ( APT )

C) Pointsbet ( PBH )

D) Xero ( XRO )

E) Kogan ( KGN )

5) National Stock Exchange , NSE ( Mumbai / India )

National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) is located in Mumbai, city of India. It is the leading Government owned Stock Exchange of India. It is under the ownership of Ministry Of Finance, Government Of India. It was established in the year 1992.

Official Website of National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) –

Market Capitalization of National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange has listed 1,952 companies and has the market capitalization of over US $ 2.27 Trillion as of April 2018.

What are the top 5 Stocks to invest in National Stock Exchange –

Top 5 Stocks to invest in National Stock Exchange are listed below.

A) BHEL INE 257A01026, BHEL, 500103

B) Tata Motors INE 155A01022, TATA MOTORS, 500510

C) ITC INE 154A01025, ITC, 500875

D) Happiest Minds INE 419U01012, HAPPSTMNDS, 543227

E) Tata Steel INE 081A01012, TATASTEEL, 500470

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