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At present, if we look at the broader prospective, we will find that there are multiple sources of earning money and some of them have outraged the regular corporate or government jobs. People are anxious to use them and many of them found worth using them can be be treated as permanent source of income for them.

One of such source is Kalyan, Rajdhani, Milan, Bazar, Madhuri Satta Matka which is based on guess work and luck factor. Thousands of people are playing it in India and different states across it. If you are one of the user of Satta Matka then you can find Kalyan Night Result, Panel Chart and Guessing Open latest and updated on Saconindia.org

Kalyan Chart 

Kalyan chart is basically the chart which shows the number in pairs and date wise which help people to guess the right number while playing Kalyan Open game. Kalyan Chart is very useful and many people use it to ensure winning in Kalyan Game. As we have already discussed the fact that Kalyan game is based on luck and guess work can be accurate only once or twice when played for 100 times.

So Kalyan Chart becomes more important for analyzing Kalyan Result pattern properly and then executing the plan. Many experts says that Kalyan Result follows definite pattern and result can be predicted easily if we focus on Kalyan Chart more Carefully. So if you are a regular Kalyan Open Player then you cannot ignore the importance of Kalyan Chart.

When the Kalyan Chart is published date and day wise consolidated at one place, it is referred as Kalyan Panel chart. Kalyan Panel chart is accessible on DPboss website and also in below table.

Kalyan Chart

44 86 23 93 91 07
77 86 11 43 14 87
39 38 44 60 ** 36
79 59 28 73 75 52
19 51 ** 94 83 67
67 76 60 20 19 97
57 40 25 31 08 61
69 25 01 30 73 80
36 18 14 09 96 24
27 29 86 30 30 06
29 33 50 38 09 98
52 52 78 51 21 54
24 82 85 52 44 54
82 67 00 68 95 **
54 69 97 12 97 82
56 22 54 65 34 53
16 29 00 17 07 22
47 18 60 61 02 64
47 44 64 82 28 04
71 76 35 87 82 66
60 74 27 10 51 85
04 58 61 51 39 32
67 43 19 80 57 58
91 39 44 40 33 16
40 83 47 79 26 11
90 77 84 33 00 73
17 39 59 11 66 44
19 50 19 94 33 78
04 57 03 07 40 42
40 57 51 72 16 07

Kalyan Night Result

Kalyan Night is one of the famous and most played game among Satta Matka which is played in night time from 9:45 PM to 11:45 PM daily except on Sunday. Many people bet on certain numbers and if these numbers appears in the result then he or she is declared winner.

Kalyan Night result can be seen by clicking below link and you will directly and up on the result page. Kalyan Night result is published in 9 digits and result is released in 3 segments starting from 9 PM and end up 11PM. If you want to get fastest and latest updates about the Kalyan Night result then do follow our website page on Google and allow the notification as when the result is published you can be notified.

If we talk about the way in which Kalyan Night result is published then we will find that it is all depends on the luck and guess factor. Out of all the number which are guessed by the players, game organizers picked certain number without following and pattern and blindly. So winning in Kalyan Game is very tough task and can put you in Financial Crisis.

Kalyan Result Today 29 May

Kalyan Morning result is published below and you can check it your guessed number. If you found them then do contact the game organizers to claim the prize money.

Kalyan Morning Result

(11AM – 12PM)


Kalyan Result

(4 PM – 6PM) 


Kalyan Night Result

(9 PM -11PM)

Kalyan Result Link Check Now
Time 9:45 PM
Status Published
Prize 2 Lakh
Check Old Result Click Here

Rajdhani Result Today

Rajdhani is second most popular Satta Matka which is also played by many people and involve large amount of money. Madhuri is basically played during the evening time. If you will look at the present scenario then due to lack of resources and opportunities in corporate and govt sectors, today’s skilled and graduate students are facing unemployment and looking for the various other factors related to earning money.

However these resources cannot be treated as permanent source of Income and may lead to addiction and financial risk. But there are other job opportunities like Online teaching, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Content creator which are really good enough to be called as permanent source of Income.

Rajdhani Main Result


Rajdhani Express


Rajdhani Night


Rajdhani is kind of gambling where people bid on certain number in hope of getting large amount of money but end up with losing their own. We strongly oppose such kind of activities and ask people to stay away from these and try to work hard and earn money from other legal sources.

Rajdhani Result is also same as Kalyan Result with different numbers. If you want to check the result, you can do so by clicking below link. Try to find out the number which you guessed in Rajdhani Game.

Rajdhani Result Link Check Now
Time 3:30 PM
Status Published
Prize 2 Lakh
Check Old Result Click Here

Kalyan Night Chart 29 May

Kalyan Chart is the thing of uttermost importance when we talk about the Kalyan Satta Matka because it provide players with the old and upcoming Kalyan Numbers which can be the part of Kalyan daily result. You can find these number. There are some numbers written in Kalyan Chart date and day wise which are seen by many people who play Kalyan Game and want to win more in Kalyan Game.

Kalyan Panel chart can be seen on the website of Dpboss where chart is published daily and update accordingly. If you want to check Kalyan Chart daily then you must visit this website daily on regular basis.

You can click this link in order to check the Kalyan Chart for today and for some other days. Check Kalyan Chart Today.

Rajdhani Panel Chart

Basically Rajdhani chart consist of the Numbers which are written in pairs and these numbers are referred as Rajdhani Jodi Chart. These numbers are published 5 times in week and those 5 days we have shown in below table. Here is the Rajdhani Night chart provided below. You need to analyze this chart very carefully so that you can increase the chance of winning in Rajdhani game.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09 60 81 52 76
52 93 47 80 86
59 01 59 54 42
47 23 46 62 62
31 36 24 89 10
** 81 31 79 07
79 86 12 78 43
14 11 34 45 60

Rajdhani Night Open

Final Ank refers to the last digit of the Rajdhani Night. Generally result is published in 7 digits and last digit is called Final Ank. When all the digits are published then it is considered as the complete Rajdhani Result. All the numbers are guessed by the players and if these numbers matches the guessed numbers then those people are considered to be the winner of the game.

Winners of the Rajdhani Night are awarded with lucrative prizes. That’s why people play Rajdhani Night game. As we know Indian youths are very much affected by the unemployment so they choose these kind of games to earn money.

Kalyan Open Today 29 May

Kalyan open Today live now and you can watch it by clicking the link given in this article. Kalyan open is game where people invest large sum of money in hope of getting is doubled, tripled or for large sum of money. This is the shortcut to earn money and hence can be fetal and proved financially risky in many cases.

Kalyan Open is played twice in a day, once from 9:45 AM to 11:45AM which is considered as Kalyan Open, and another shift is played in night time which is regarded as Kalyan Night Open. Basically Kalyan Night open is much popular and has more players then Kalyan Day game.

Satta Matka : FAQs

Q.1 What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is game which involves gambling and involves money in which people bid on certain number and if these numbers appear in the Satta Matka result then people are paid lucrative and large prices as a prize money.

Q.2 Where is Satta Matka Played?

Satta Matka is played in different parts of the our country India. Many states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Bihar, Kerala it is prevalent. This is also played in different regions of the world like US, UK and Canada by the name of lottery.

Q.3 Why people play Satta Game?

Actually there is much unemployment in India which indirectly leads to poverty and less working opportunities. Major population of India is unskilled and has no proper job which can be treated as source of Income. So people look for such games and opportunities where no skill is required and with little money they have golden opportunity to earn more and even more than their need.

Q.4 How Kalyan Satta Matka is played?

Kalyan Satta is quite popular among other Matka and hence played by vast number of people. There are number written from 0 to 99. People have to guess the number and bid certain amount of money on them. If those number appear in result then he or she is awarded with 5 or 6 times of the money otherwise bid money is lost.

Q.5 is Kalyan Matka illegal?

Kalyan or any other Satta Matka is considered as Illegal in India in all states and against the law as it involves money transfer. Anyone playing Kalyan Matka is criminal and can be punished as per the law.

Q.6 What is the Kalyan Open Time?

Kalyan open is basically played twice in a day.

Kalyan Open – 9:45 AM- 11:45 AM

Kalyan Night Open – 9:45 PM – 11:45 PM

Q.6 What is Kalyan Panel Chart?

Kalyan Panel chart is the place where users or players of Kalyan Open Game can access the full chart of the Numbers which has a high probability of getting in result. Kalyan Panel Chart is also known as Kalyan Patti Chart.

Q.7 What is Kalyan Guessing Open?

Kalyan Open is based on guess work but people look for the Calculated numbers by applying certain tricks for accurate guess instead of blindly picking those numbers. There are certain organizations which aim at providing more accurate numbers, and they publish those numbers under Kalyan Guessing daily.

Q.8 How to check Kalyan Result Today?

Kalyan result numbers are daily published on official and various other websites. If you want to check Kalyan Open result fastest, latest, authentic, updated then Click on this link and bookmark the tab so that you can get result faster than others.

Q.9 What is Kalyan Night Open?

Kalyan Night Open is the result of Kalyan open which is declared at night from 9:45 PM to 11:45 PM. This Kalyan Result is published in three segments and as soon as the result is published it gets updated daily.

Q.10 What are the similar Games like Kalyan Chart Open?

As we know that India is hub of games which includes guess work and money biding. So along with Kalyan game there are more than hundreds of games which are played across the India by majority of people. We have provide some of them below-

  • Kalyan Open
  • Rajdhani Night
  • Madhuri Chart
  • Sridevi Satta Matka
  • Milan Satta
  • Main Bazar Open
  • Satta King
  • Laxmi Satta Matka

Q.11 What is Kalyan Fix Ank ?

Kalyan Fix numbers are the numbers or ank which are prepared after some calculation and they work as a hint for guessing in Kalyan Open daily. If you are a consistent Kalyan Game player then you can not ignore such fix ank which can really increase your probability of winning in Kalyan Game.

Below are the Kalyan Fix open for Today 22th March 2022.


Q.12 What is Kalyan Jodi Open?

Kalyan Jodi Open is the pair of number which are published as Kalyan Daily result. You can check this Kalyan Jodi open by visiting the Dpboss.net website and get the latest update about the Kalyan Jodi for Today.

Q.13 What are the legal alternatives of Satta Matka?

As we know Kalyan or any other Satta Matka is against the law and involves risk of money. So to keep yourself away from trouble you must not involves in such activities of Satta Matka. There are other ways also which can help you to generate money and without any undue risk of losing money. But in such case you need to work harder as you cannot depend upon you luck.

First you need to put some effort then only you can generate a regular and legal source of earning money. We have listed some of the below.

a) Blogging

b) You Tube

c) Instagram 

d) Cryptocurrency

e) Online Games

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