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Rajdhani Night Chart, Today 2022: Rajdhani Night is second most popular satta game after Kalyan Chart and Kalyan Open. In this article you will see Rajdhani Night Chart, Rajdhani Night Panel Chart, Rajdhani Result Today, Rajdhani Night ka Chart, Kalyan Rajdhani Night Chart Panel. You need to read this article till end to know everything about the Rajdhani Night and how to Check Rajdhani Night Result Today.

Rajdhani is type of Satta matka which is like other games for example Kalyan Open, Madhuri Open and Sridevi. It is played in state of Maharashtra by the people and many people win huge prize money from Rajdhani Night game. This is information and news based article and we do not promote people to play Rajdhani Night.

Rajdhani Night 

Rajdhani Night is basically played twice a day. As the name suggest both shift are played in Night time one on 9:45 PM and another after two hours 11:45 PM. If you are one of the player who want to check Rajdhani Night result then we provides fastest and latest result and daily and weekly Rajdhani Night Chart.

Name  Rajdhani Night
Time 9:45PM & 11:15PM
Result Date  Daily
Result Status Published
Prize Money  1 Lakh
Kalyan Chart Today Watch Now
Rajdhani Result Today  See Result
Official Website  Dpboss.net

Rajdhani Night Chart 

Basically Rajdhani chart consist of the Numbers which are written in pairs and these numbers are referred as Rajdhani Jodi Chart. These numbers are published 5 times in week and those 5 days we have shown in below table. Here is the Rajdhani Night chart provided below. You need to analyze this chart very carefully so that you can increase the chance of winning in Rajdhani game.

Rajdhani Night Chart

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09 60 81 52 76
52 93 47 80 86
59 01 59 54 42
47 23 46 62 62
31 36 24 89 10
** 81 31 79 07
79 86 12 78 43
14 11 34 45 60

Rajdhani Night Panel Chart

As we know like other lottery games Rajdhani Night is also based on guess work and people bid on certain numbers. People blindly bid on any number and of that number is part of the Rajdhani Result then they are declared as winner. But now think how much difficult is that to guess the right number.

To reduce the risk of failure in Rajdhani Night, people look for the resources so that they can provide them with numbers which have high probability of being part of the result. Sources of these numbers claim that these numbers are suitable for bidding and assure people for winning. In turn people provide them money which is totally matter of fraud.

People must avoid using such resources as these resources can force you for big loss. Instead of that you can just observe the pattern of Rajdhani Night chart and that will help you to guess the right number.

Rajdhani Panel Chart 

How to Open Rajdhani Night Chart?

Now if you want to see Rajdhani Night then you can do so by following the steps provided below. Just follow this guide and you will successfully land on the Rajdhani Night Chart.

Step 1) Visit the official site of dpboss or click on the link given above.

Step 2) Now look for the Rajdhani Chart

Step 3) Rajdhani Night Chart will be shown day wise

Step 4) Note down the numbers

Step 5) Print the pdf if you want it to use in future.

Rajdhani Night Result

People who plays Rajdhani lottery are keen to check the Rajdhani result. Rajdhani Result is published two times in a day. Generally result is published at 9:45 PM in evening and 11:45 PM in Night. Rajdhani lottery is considered to be illegal in India as it involves biding of money. Due to that this is banned in many states of India.

We publish the Rajdhani result faster than other site and keep updating as soon as the result is published on the official website. So you should bookmark our tab to get the latest and fastest Rajdhani result.

Rajdhani Result Today

Similar Lottery Like Rajdhani Night

Rajdhani night is not only popular Satta Matka which is played by people in state of Maharashtra but there are other too. We have mentioned some of them below. You can check them by clicking the link.

  • Kalyan Night
  • Rajdhani Night
  • Madhuri
  • Sridevi
  • Rajdhani express
  • Milan
  • Main Bazar
  • Time Bazar
  • Padmavati

Rajdhani Night Open

If you want to know about the Rajdhani Night Open Time then we have mentioned the exact time for Rajdhani night open to close. People eagerly wait for the Rajdhani Night result open. As soon as the result is published, we update the result here.

Shift  Time 
Rajdhani Night 9:45 PM
Rajdhani Night 11:15 PM

Rajdhani Night Final Ank

Final Ank refers to the last digit of the Rajdhani Night. Generally result is published in 7 digits and last digit is called Final Ank. When all the digits are published then it is considered as the complete Rajdhani Result. All the numbers are guessed by the players and if these numbers matches the guessed numbers then those people are considered to be the winner of the game.

Winners of the Rajdhani Night are awarded with lucrative prizes. That’s why people play Rajdhani Night game. As we know Indian youths are very much affected by the unemployment so they choose these kind of games to earn money.

Rajdhani Chart 2022

Every year Rajdhani Chart is published and updated. Many people search Rajdhani Chart year wise so below we have provided links for the Rajdhani Chart 2022. You can click the below link to check the Rajdhani Chart 2022. Chart format will remain same and can be checked through the same process.

Rajdhani Chart 

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