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Instagram Private Video: You can download Private video on Instagram even without following that particular account. You can save Posts, Story or any particular video from the account you don’t follow or don’t want to in your device. In this article we have discussed how to download Instagram Private Video.

Instagram Private Video

Let’s discuss first that, what is key difference between Public and Private account. Public account is the one which is open to all. Anyone can follow that account, anyone can see posts and updates from public account and even download videos and posts from public account.

On other hand Private account is limited for followers only and even everybody can not follow private account. Only followers can watch posts from Private account. So to see that posts or private video, you have only one option left, that is to download that private video or posts and then watch it.

But Hold on, downloading the Private video is not a easy thing to do. Although after reading this article it will be cake walk for you to download Instagram Private Video. So Follow the steps strictly to get desired results.

Best tools to download Instagram Private Video

There are many tools available for downloading Instagram Private Videos, but only few are useful and worth using. So instead of quantity lets just focus on quality. Here we will discuss about Only one tool and will learn about it.

So the Tool is Aloinstagram. This tool is very famous as well as used by many users.

Aloinstagram Private Video Download

Some of these tools include downloading photos and videos from Instagram, Story, IGTV as well as Hashtag monitoring tools. Although there are many Apps, web tools, and websites for downloading media from Instagram, AloInstagram tools are different.

Other tools can download only one content from a post, but with our fantastic, fast, and secure tools, you can easily download all the photos and videos (Instagram carousel and Instagram slideshows) at the best quality at the same time.

How to download Instagram Private Video Aloinstagram?

The process of downloading Instagram private video is quite easy and quick process. Just follow the below necessary steps and you will end up with desired results.

Step 1) Open your Instagram account in Mobile, but not in App, open it in Browser.

Step 2) Search for the Video or post you want to download.

Step 3) Open that Video. Now copy the URL of the window or tab, in Which you have opened that Video.

Step 4) Visit this Link of AloInstgram.

Step 5) Paste the URL of Video In First Box. As soon as you paste the Link, a other link will generate in Second Box.

download instagram video

Step 6) Just Copy that Link, and Paste it in Browser.

Step 7) Source code like content will appear before you. Just Select this all code and copy it down.

Step 8) Now go back to AloInstagram window.

Step 9) Now paste the Copied source code in the 3rd box.

Step 10) Finally click on Download Button, and Video will be downloaded into your device.

So this is the Genuine and valid move to download Instagram private Videos. Now you can watch it, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

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