The Controversy with Grunting in Tennis


The Controversy with Grunting in Tennis

Crowds are asked to remain silent while tennis players are performing. Right now you can go to the 1xBet website – betting on football and tennis can be done on this platform.

However, many players don’t remain silent at all. This is when the concept of grunting comes into play. Grunting corresponds to the noise or screams that players make when hitting the ball. There are many explanations for why players make this noise. But at the same time, this has been a controversial topic.

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The most famous grunters

Tennis legends Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe have been considered the “first grunters” in the history of the sport. Obviously, they are not the only ones, as many other players decided to follow their example. Signing up to a bookmaker is your first step towards success – online betting on sports 1xBet can be a winning option, especially when wagering on tennis.

Some players who are quite famous because of their grunting habits are:

  • Maria Sharapova;
  • Rafael Nadal;
  • Gustavo Kuerten;
  • Novak Djokovic;
  • and Victoria Azarenka.

However, grunting is not a constant during a player’s career. For example, it has been observed that Novak Djokovic has reduced his grunts as his career has gone by. Joining 1xBet is your first step towards success, where you will be able to make online betting on multiple sports, including, of course, tennis.

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Controversial aspects

The first controversy related to grunting was seen in the 1988 edition of the US Open. In a match between Ivan Lendl and Andre Agassi, the former complained that the latter’s grunts mistimed his shots. But some have gone much farther, as Martina Navratilova called grunting as “cheating”, because of the distracting effect this has on opponents. Live wagers on all kinds of tennis players can always be made on the website.

Roger Federer is frequently mentioned as a player who didn’t need to grunt in order to be successful. But other players are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Former Portuguese player Michelle Larcher de Brito was well-known for her loud grunts. In fact her grunts were measured at 109 decibels. For comparison, this is as loud as a jet aircraft or a concert. When loud grunters are playing, you can visit 1xBet and wager on them.

Some people claim that this is done on purpose while others state that this is just a reflex. It has been stated that grunts are simply part of the dynamics followed by the body of a player when taking a shot. Regardless of the explanation, grunting will likely continue to be a controversial topic in tennis.

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