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Juwai Teer game is played in Juwai region of Meghalaya. It is kind of sports archery game in which players shoots the arrows and they are able to target the aim, they are provided with attractive prizes. Juwai Teer result is published here daily and along with that you can find Juwai Teer Common Number, Juwai Teer House Ending and Juwai teer old result list.

Check saconindia.org site to get daily and fastest updates about the Juwai Teer result. We daily publish daily teer result for Juwai teer game. Here you can get other teer results like Khanapara Teer result today, Shillong Teer result, Meghalaya Teer result today.

Juwai Teer Result

Juwai Teer Result

As we know Juwai Teer game is played in state of Meghalaya where people in large number participate in Juwai Teer to win prizes. Winner of the Juwai Teer game is awarded with declared prize money by Juwai Teer officials. If you are one of the player of Juwai Teer game and wants to check Juwai Teer result then you can check it from below link.

Name of Game  Juwai Teer
Result Today Check Now
State Meghalaya
Prize Money  Up to 5000/ Number
Morning Result  2:25 PM, 22:45 PM
Result Status Published 
Previous Result  Check Now 

Juwai Morning Teer Result

Juwai teer result gets out once a day and generally day result is considered as Juwai Morning teer result. If you want to check Morning Juwai teer result then you can find it on this page.

If you want to play Juwai Teer Game then you must be from Meghalaya state as this game may not be legal in your state. So you just need to bid your guessed number and if you guess work is right then you are the winner and paid accordingly. Basically numbers are from 0 to 99 where people cab bid on any number they want.

Juwai Teer result Today 

Juwai Teer result is published and you can result here. Daily Juwai teer result is updated at 2:15Pm and 2:45 PM. You can book mark this tab so that you can get latest updates about the Juwai Teer. You need to verify your ticket number with result given in table and if your target number matches with result you can claim your Juwai Teer prize.

Date F/R (02:15) S/R (02:45)
Today Check Now Check Now

Juwai Teer Common Number

Juwai teer common number today is updated on this page. You can check it from below button. Juwai Teer Common Number is published in form of F/R and S/R. Juwai teer house ending is also known as Juwai teer common Number. These numbers are guessed blindly using luck factor and winner is decided accordingly.

You need to go through Juwai teer old result in order to predict the Juwai teer common Number. This will increase the chances of winning in Juwai Teer. If you will properly analyze the Juwai teer old common number list then this may increase probability of winning in Juwai teer game.

Direct  House  Ending 
Click Here Check Now Check Now

Juwai Teer Counter

Juwai Teer Counter counts the juwai teer hit numbers and form the basis of result. Generally Teer counter are setup near the Juwai Teer spot where game is supposed to be played. Teer counter has the record of all the teer shoot by the archers and after that Juwai teer result gets declare.

You will find these result latest on saconindia.org, so regularly visit our website to keep yourself updated about the Juwai Teer Result. Juwai Morning teer result, Juwai teer target numbers can be found on this page.

Juwai Teer Target Number

Word target is obvious with shooting and archery game. Juwai Teer target number are those which are published as Juwai teer result every day. Juwai teer participants have to aim a particular target and if they are able to hit teer on target then they are winner of Juwai Teer game.

This game of archery and shooting arrows on target has got it’s culture and traditions from history. We have read about the archery game in history where Kings and army used to shoot teer on enemy and wild animals. But juwai teer is kind of game where winner gets reward.

How To Check Juwai teer Result ?

All the participants of the Juwai Teer game are curious to know about the Juwai Teer Result. If you are one of them, you can check Juwai Teer Result here. All the Teer Results Like Khanapara Teer Result, Meghalaya Teer Result, Arunachal Teer Result, Kolkata Fatafat Results can be check on our site.

Follow Below Steps to Check Juwai Teer Result Today 

1) Search for Juwai Teer Result Saconindia.org on Google.

2) Click on the First link appears on the search results.

3) On the first page only you can see Juwai Teer Results.

4) Verify your numbers and if Juwai Results Numbers matches your numbers then your are the winners.

Similar Teer games like Juwai Teer

Due to lack of opportunities Eastern states of India are dependent on alternative methods to earn their daily wages. So as the archery suits the geographical location of Eastern states so people decided to contest archery competitions and winners will be awarded with mega prizes.

Today there are various teer games been played in India and most of them in East India. Below are some of the popular teer games listed.

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