Actor Ezra Miller arrested again on Hawaii's Island


Ezra Miller was arrested on suspicion of assault Tuesday, the second time the actor known for playing the Flash in “Justice League” films has been arrested in Hawaii in recent weeks.


Miller became irate after being asked to leave a get-together at a Big Island home and threw a chair, hitting a woman in the forehead, said a news release from the Hawaii Police Department.

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The woman refused treatment for a half-inch (1.3-centimeter) cut on her forehead, police said.

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It’s unclear how Miller’s arrest affects an arraignment scheduled for later Tuesday for the actor’s arrest last month at a Big Island karaoke bar.

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The day after Miller was released on $500 bail for the karaoke bar arrest, a Big Island couple filed a petition for a temporary restraining order, claiming the actor burst into their bedroom and threatened them


But trouble seems to find its way back to Miller as they are now allegedly arrested for the second time in Hawaii. According to Variety, Ezra Miller was arrested on Tuesday morning due to a complaint of second-degree assault

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Yet again, Ezra and his representatives have stayed quiet over the matter. It was previously being said that Miller’s behavior has prompted Warner Bros to reevaluate his future in the DCEU after The Flash